Saturday, May 7, 2011

10th Annual Free Comic Book Day

From David P.'s Mouse Guard
Today's the day! Comic book stores from all over are giving away free comics in hopes of reviving the comics community as well as inviting new members to share in the love of graphic novel reading.  Or if you just like to get free stuff, today's the day to get some from comic book stores hehehe º~º

I think it was last year during this time a friend of my boyfriend's introduced us to a new (at least new to me) comic called "Mouse Guard".  It's exciting, nostalgic, beautifully drawn, and the characters are SOOOOOOO FRIGGIN' CUUUUUTE! My favorite character is Saxon because he's badass... He's like Wolverine in little cute mouse-form hahahahahahah! <3  Plus, last year during SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) the creator signed the first and second books that I purchased and a poster. Thanks David Petersen! (And thanks George from Comics Factory in Pasadena for introducing it to us!)

Go out and discover a new graphic novel for yourself today! (It's freeeeee!)

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