Sunday, July 3, 2011

ReadyArtwork Rocks!!!

Hi friends! So I just started interning with an amazing graphics company called ReadyArtwork based in San Gabriel (Thanks Tony!! >~<), and I just gotta say: this has been the most impacted, busy, buzzy, exciting, challenging, fun week this year. Maybe because it was right before the July 4th holiday weekend and last minute plans are squeezing its way into these 3-4 days, but I am happy right now. I am feeling yellow. Life is good. I should've posted this earlier, but this was my first opening of "free (unplanned) time" to myself, so I'm taking advantage of it and posting up updates while blasting the AC at my back. Mmmmmmm. So yellow right now!

(For people who don't really know color psychology: Yellow is usually associated with warm/cheerful feelings.)

Check it out!

AU79 July 4th shaved ice!
Rose City Pizza (YUM i heart pizza almost more than a Ninja Turtle)
2nd Love baked makeup <3
Monterey Park Optometry (mmm glasses are sexy!)
San Gabriel Mission Playhouse (now opened INSIDE for public photography!)